Our fundraising program is the most efficient and cost effective charity car wash available!

Planning your next fundraising event? Consider this……
Automobiles are the second largest investment a person will make in their life time. For that very reason we need to take care of this investment to pro long life of vehicles, resale values etc., at the same time not being harmful to the environment. The washing of vehicles on drive ways, parking lots has a tremendous impact on the environment. The water, soaps, oils etc. all run into the storm drains, creeks, rivers, and even our drinking water. Not here at Sam’s !!! We use bio degradable soaps and waste water is contained and 100% reclaimed.

Here at Sam’s Carwash and Express Care we have a cleaner alternative! Here is how it works…

We provide a Free discount flyer with over $60 worth of discounts. The organization sales the flyer for a value (recommend $5) per flyer. All proceeds go directly to the organization. No money transfers, or handling of money from one party to the other party, and most of important no out of pocket expense. Money collected is 100% for the organization. Our goal is to provide a neat and trouble-free program.

To start your next fundraising event contact Dwight Allen at  704-202-8267 or dwightallen@samscarwashkl.com.

Door Prizes
Having a smaller event? We will gladly give your group or organization an Inside-Outside wash door prize, a value of $16.95. See one of our cashiers with proof of the organization and we will take care of the rest.

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